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Version 4.1, released January 10, 2022

If you're a developer:

Please download our evaluation version which is free to try indefinitely. There is no expiry period but you'll only be able to translate 50% of the strings in your solution until a license is obtained. These will be randomly selected and the remaining strings will not appear in the translator's version of the program. Note that a copy of the translator's version is also included in the developer's version so you need not download both. The core program for the developer's version however is the TranSolution extension which integrates into Visual Studio itself. To get started with this after installation, simply load your solution in Visual Studio (or use the sample in the Windows Start Menu), and activate "Tools -> Translate -> Outgoing". After filling in two simple dialogs, a ".trn" file is created with all applicable strings in your solution. This can then be translated using the translator's version and imported back into your solution using "Tools -> Translate -> Incoming". See online help for complete details (available via the F1 key or the Windows Start menu). Thank you for evaluating TranSolution.

Release notes

If you're a translator:

You may download a free, permanent copy of the translator's version of TranSolution which you can use to translate any translation (".trn") file originating from the developer's version above. A sample can be found in the Windows Start Menu after installation. See online help for complete details. Note that this program is not an evaluation version and therefore not available for sale (you won't find it on our purchase page). It's a free, full-working copy that you can use to translate strings received from the developer's version above (client developers must send you a ".trn" file to translate). Feel free to encourage your software clients to try the developer's version. We believe both programs will make everyone's life a lot easier. Thank you for your support.

Release notes
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